Press Release

FREE and CONFIDENTIAL voluntary telephone support for those 55+, people living with disabilities or housebound individuals.

Are You or Someone You Know Feeling… 

Lonely, isolated, sad, afraid or overwhelmed? These feelings are normal, but you don’t have to handle them alone.

We Can Help

COVID-19 social distancing has made regular human connection  more difficult for everyone, especially the aging population or those with significant health risks to consider. We want to help bridge the distance between people through expanded services to provide more interaction for those who may need it. Bridging the Distance is a program that specifically offers support and connection for individuals 55+ experiencing isolation in Southeast Saskatchewan. If a family member or individual would like counselling, or just to talk, they can call the office to connect with a counsellor. This confidential program can be accessed from the comfort of your own home via telephone or video chat.

Some Factors Increasing the Risk of Senior Isolation Include:

  • Living Alone
  • Being Age 80+
  • Having Comprised Health Status
  • Multiple Chronic Health Problems
  • No Children or Contact With Family
  • Lacking Access to Transportation
  • Living with Low Income
  • Changing Family Structures
    (ie: Children moving away,
    loss of partner)
  • Change in Residence (ie: moving)

Source: Statistics Canada

Dangers of Low Social Connection:

  • Decreased Overall Health
  • Higher Inflammation
  • Higher Susceptibility of Anxiety
    & Depression
  • Slower Recovery from Diseases
  • Increased Antisocial Behaviour
    & Violence
  • Suicide

Benefits of Social Connection:

  • 50% Increased Chance of Longevity
  • Improvements to Immunity
  • Lower Rates of Anxiety
    & Depression
  • Higher Self-Esteem & Empathy
  • Better Emotion Regulation Skills
  • Increased Well-Being

What to Expect When You Call?

When you call the nearest Envision Office, ask to be referred to the Bridging the Distance program. An Intake Counsellor will then contact you within 1-2 business days. The Intake Counsellor will answer any questions you may have, learn about you and your situation and book an appointment that works for you. A registered counsellor will then call you at your scheduled appointment time. Bridging the Distance is a voluntary program and participants are welcome to end services whenever they wish.


How Does it Work?

Sessions happen in the comfort of your own home via telephone or video chat and are approximately one hour with a registered counsellor. The client guides the conversation and talks about any issues or challenges they may be facing due to isolation, loneliness, grief, etc. Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance and will always be taken into account.

Estevan: 306-637-4004  ·  Weyburn: 306-842-8821  ·  Carlyle: 306-453-2405