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Thanks to a new investment from the Government of Saskatchewan, Envision Counselling and Support Centre is now able to offer Walk-In Counselling in Estevan, Weyburn and Oxbow. This expansion became possible through a collaboration with Family Services Saskatchewan, a network of 11 family serving organizations in Saskatchewan.

 “If a person is in crisis, they need to see someone right away,” says Christa Daku, Executive Director of Envision Counselling and Support Centre.

“Demand for mental health services has increased steadily over time and people looking for assistance often experience barriers to timely, affordable care. The goal of Walk-In Counselling is to alleviate some of those barriers” says Daku.

Walk-In Counselling is a free, immediate, accessible form of brief counselling. People can drop-in for a one hour session without an appointment. The services are provided by a qualified counsellor who also connects people to the community and health services they might need.

“We are fortunate to be a part of the 20 rural and urban communities across Saskatchewan that received this funding,” says Daku.

“The collaboration with Family Services Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Health Authority has created a rapid response mental health service that was needed in our communities.”

*Walk-In Counselling is made possible thanks to a partnership with Family Service Saskatchewan.