♥ You have the power to help. ♥
Donations to Envision Counselling and Support Centre stay in the communities we serve
in Southeast Saskatchewan.

Please consider joining others in your community, making impacts in the lives of those in need. Here’s what your funding supports:

  • COUNSELLING SUPPORT. We provide violence, abuse and relationship counselling in four offices in Southeast Saskatchewan. Although we receive core funding from the provincial government, associated costs for counselling programs are augmented through donations and sponsorships.
  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH. Envision Counselling believes in violence prevention. By providing education to youth and groups in the community, we are shifting beliefs about unhealthy relationships and inspiring young people to consider complex issues such as sexual violence and cyber abuse.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS for individuals fleeing violent relationships. We provide items for those in need as they transition away from violent relationships.

“When I started telling my story to my counsellor, that’s when I thought… I can breathe again.”
-Envision Counselling and Support Centre Client

We appreciate monthly sponsorship or one-time donations. Donate Now through CanadaHelps, which processes secure, online donations on behalf of Canada’s 80,000+ registered charitable organizations. Each donation of $25 or more will receive an official electronic tax receipt emailed within minutes of making a donation. For any questions you may have regarding CanadaHelps please see their FAQs or visit the CanadaHelps Website.


Here’s a shout out to some of our current and past sponsors. They committed to Envision Counselling and we couldn’t be more grateful. Their contributions are being felt in so many ways across our organization. 


If you would like to join these organizations and businesses, please contact the office at or call 306-637-4004.

We also thrive due to the support of local government. These communities make contributions to improve services and provide care to those in need in Southeast Saskatchewan.

RM of Cymri No.36 ··· RM of Coalfields ··· RM of Moose Mountain No.63 ··· RM of Benson No.35 ··· RM of Enniskillen No.3 ··· Town of Oxbow ··· RM of Griffin No.66 ··· RM of Estevan No.5 ··· RM of Tecumseh ··· RM of Weyburn ··· RM of Cambria No.6 ··· Town of Redvers ··· Town of Lampman ··· RM of Browning No.34 ··· RM of Reciprocity No. 32 ··· RM of Laurier No. 38 ··· Town of Radville ··· RM of Brokenshell No.68 ··· RM of Antler No.61 ··· RM of Lomond No. 37 ··· City of Estevan ··· Town of Carnduff


We appreciate your support.