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Please Note: Rapid Access Counselling was formerly known as Walk-In Counselling.

Resources: Rapid Access Pamphlet / Rapid Access Poster / Rapid Access Postcard

*If you are experiencing an emergency, or feel at risk, please call 9-1-1
or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

Rapid Access Counselling

Sessions are 1 Hour, FREE and are available in-person, virtually or over the phone.
We all experience bumps in the road.
There are times when we feel overwhelmed, lost or simply unable to cope with our problems.
Life comes with challenges, but you don’t have to face them alone.
We are here for you.


What is Rapid Access Counselling?

Rapid Access Counselling is a FREE, immediate, accessible form of brief counselling. People can access free, same day services without having to wait. Services are provided by qualified counsellors. We also help people connect to the community and health services they might need.

Who Can Use Rapid Access Counselling?

Anyone. Rapid Access Counselling is purposefully provided to meet people where they are at, in the community utilizing a trauma informed approach. (Please Note: Youth under 12 need to attend with a parent/guardian, 12-15 year olds need parental consent and those 16+ can attend on their own.)

When Rapid Access Available?

Envision Rapid Access Clinics will be set up in the community as follows:

Nobel HSSE Management  (Oxbow)
319—Main Street
Second & Fourth Monday
The Salvation Army  (Weyburn)
8—4th Street
Tuesday & Friday
The Salvation Army  (Estevan)
1107—4th Street
Wednesday & Thursday

How Does it Work?

To secure a spot for Rapid Access Counselling, follow the easy steps to book a session at or call the Estevan or Weyburn Office numbers to book through reception. Sessions will be open for booking up to 48 hours in advance. Rapid Access counselling sessions are available on a “first come, first serve” basis with a limited number of spots each day. However, if the local counsellor in your area is fully booked, the online platform allows you to see the available counsellors across Saskatchewan to book a virtual appointment when you need it.

If I Come to Rapid Access am I Going to be Referred to Something Else?

No. Rapid Access Counselling is meant to use a strength focused, trauma informed approach and meet each person where they are at. Working on the presenting problem being faced in the present moment. Should it come up that you are interested in long term counselling, or other options, you will be referred appropriately.


*If you are experiencing an emergency, or feel at risk, please call 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

*Rapid Access Counselling is made possible thanks to a partnership with Family Service Saskatchewan.