Make sure you love yourself a little louder.

The world is opening up to you.

It’s a world that needs your wisdom, your courage and your interesting and very wonderful take on things.

Anxiety and grief can have a way of shifting the focus too often to the negative, but the things about ourselves that we would like to change often have very wonderful strengths built into them. Of course you would always rather not have these feelings, but there are so many strengths in you. Spend plenty of time noticing them.

Negative feelings are something that happens, not something you are. What you are is smart, with truckloads of emotional intelligence, and a very wonderful and unique way of looking at things, as well as being the person people can count on, the one who thinks of things that other people haven’t, creative (even if you aren’t doing anything creative, it’s in you), sensitive, strong, and brave. You would be most people’s favourite type of human.