The Family Support Program provides support to:

  • Families
  • Children & Youth
  Program Mission Statement
Family Support Programs support the healthy development of families and children so they may achieve their full potential.

These programs provide intensive in-home support to families and individuals on a voluntary basis or as contracted by The Ministry of Social Services or Sun Country Health Region’s Child and Youth Program.

It is Envision’s belief that when families are given support, education and resources, they are able to recognize and build on their strengths. The emphasis is on maintaining the family unit by providing supportive services that strengthen the entire family.

Family Support Programs are administered by community-based-organizations such as Envision Counselling and Support Centre Inc. The Family Support Supervisor is responsible for the administration and staffing of the program. Family Support Coordinators and Family Support Workers are employees of Envision Counselling and Support Centre Inc., not the Ministry of Social Services (MSS) or Sun Country Health Region.

When the contracting agency along with the client determines that a Family Support Worker is the best intervention for a family, a request for services is made to Envision’s Family Support Supervisor, who then assigns a Family Support Worker to work with the family.

The emphasis of this program is on maintaining the family unit by providing a variety of supportive services which prevent the children’s admission into care. Services are intended to be time-limited and outcome orientated. Families will have goals and outcomes to achieve with the assistance of their Family Support Worker.

The Family Support Workers will first develop a relationship of trust with the family and then to act as a mentor and consultant. The Family Support Worker encourages the parent to make healthy changes which are positive for themselves and their families. Goals will be reviewed every three months and new goals may be made with the family if services are to continue at that time.

Referrals to this program can be made by contacting one of our office locations. Referrals may also come directly from the Ministry for Social Services or Sun Country Health Region.

Voluntary Parenting Support (Diversion)

All families can understand and relate to the stress that is involved with raising children. This program is designed to assist with these common family struggles. One on one support is provided in the client’s home in a respectful, non-threatening manner during traditional office hours as well as during non-traditional office hours.

The role of the Family Support Worker is to assist families in identifying their strengths, stresses, skills and risk areas. The Family Support Workers will also teach problem solving skills, communication skills, age appropriate child development and parenting practices, household management, organizational and daily living skills. The role of the family is to maintain a working relationship with their Family Support Worker.  Part of a good working relationship is to have open communication and respect with everyone who is working towards their common goal.  It is important that the family has a willingness to work on the goals and to meet on a regular basis with the Family Support Worker.

Envision along with the Ministry of Social Services believe that when families are given support, education and resources within a trusting relationship they are able to recognize and build on their strengths.

This program is funded by the Ministry of Social Services.

Acquired Brain Injury Services (ABI)

Acquired Brain Injury Services (ABI) is a partnership between Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and Sun Country Health Region. The purpose of this program is to provide individual and family support to people with acquired brain injuries. The objective of this program is that someone supported through ABI will live successfully in their communities with an improved quality of life.

Envision has joined up with Sun Country Health Region on a contractual basis to further support persons with an acquired Brain Injury. The role of the Family Support Worker is to assist the ABI Coordinator with carrying out the plan set by the ABI Coordinator. This could include acting as a link to the community, assisting with medical transportation, and educating client on a variety of daily living skills.

For more information or to make a referral to ABI please click on the link below or call 306-842-8315.

Child and Youth

The Child and Youth Program is a program that is contracted through Sun Country Health Region’s Mental Health Services (Child and Youth Program). Families are offered in-home support for assistance with children under 18 years of age with emotional, behavioural or adjustment difficulties. These children are receiving individual, group and/or family counselling services from Mental Health.

Envision Family Support Workers are contracted to provide in-home services to clients of the Child and Youth Program. Once a contract is received for services from Mental Health, an Envision Family Support Worker is contracted to provide in-home support to the family on a weekly basis, usually for three months.

The program is client-centered, individualized and flexible to meet the specific needs of each family. Program activities will take place in the community and in the family’s home.

Referrals to this program come directly from Mental Health’s Child and Youth Program.