Find these book resources at the local library or bookstore. Envision clients may find these books in the lending library at the office. Please ask a counsellor.

Adult Survivors:

1. Healing The Trauma – by Maxine Copeland
2. Just Before Dawn – by Jan Hindman
3. When Mourning Breaks – by Jan Hindman

For Partners of Adult Survivors:

1. Lovers And Survivors: A Partner?s Guide To Living With And Loving A Sexual Abuse Survivor – by S. Yvette de Biexedon

For Secondary Survivors:

1. To Be An Anchor In The Storm – by Susan Brewster
2. Why Does He Do That? – by Lundy Bancroft


1. Kids Are Worth It: Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline – by Barbara Colorso

Partner Abuse:

1. Why Does He Do That? – by Lundy Bancroft

2. The Verbally Abusive Relationship: How To Recognize It And How To Respond – by Patricia Evans

3. You Can Be Free: An Easy-to-Read Handbook For Abused Women – by Ginny NiCarthy and Sue Davidson

4. Getting Free: You Can End The Abuse And Take Back Your Life – by Ginny NiCarthy


1. Surviving a Stalker: Everything You Need To Keep Yourself Safe – by Linden Gross
2. The Gift Of Fear – by Gavin DeBecker

Sexual Assault:

1. The Rape Recovery Handbook – by Aphrodite Matsakis

Understanding Abusers:

1. Why Does He Do That? – by Lundy Bancroft
2. The Batterer ? by Donald G. Dutton
3. The Abusive Personality – by Donald G. Dutto