At Envision we value and appreciate every member of our Team. The wellness of our employees continually remains our top priority, so we can ensure that we are consistently and effectively supporting the communities we serve.  If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to apply for any of the positions that you feel may be a perfect fit for you!

Career Opportunities

Make a career of making a difference.

“I love working for Envision because my colleagues are amazing.  The clients are thankful and gracious.  I love being able to help families out of a crisis and watch their lives transform!” Envision Employee

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Practicum Students

Launching careers. Furthering fields.

Envision is committed to furthering the fields of Social Work, Psychology, Sociology and Human Justice. We view practicum students as a great asset to our organization.

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Volunteer Opportunities

“Being a volunteer gives me a sense of pride and purpose and the ability to give back. I love the flexibility, respect and appreciation I feel here.”  — Envision Volunteer

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