What is Interpersonal Violence and Abuse?

The Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Program provides support for individuals affected by abuse, including survivors of sexual assault, spousal assault (domestic violence), dating violence, stalking/harassment, older person abuse, family violence, and adults who were abused as children (adult survivors). The Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Program also provides counselling for those exposed to trafficking or sexual exploitation.

Envision believes that counselling is client directed, which means that the counselling process is based on what clients feel they need. You do not have to be physically abused to seek services, as 80% of our clients come in for counselling as a result of other forms of abuse (i.e., emotional or verbal abuse).

Help for Supporters

Individuals who are in a supportive role to the survivor, such as parents, partners, relatives, and friends, can also receive support from an Envision counsellor as they may be affected by the abuse as well.  Support is also offered in the areas of safety, empowerment, self esteem, assertiveness, healthy expressions of feelings, coping strategies, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

All services are offered free of charge and those families that are interested in support from the Family Intervention Program may directly refer themselves to the program by calling one of our offices in Estevan, Weyburn, Carlyle or Oxbow.  Or you may contact us through our Ask a Counsellor button located throughout this site.


“Counselling led me on a path to self-discovery. Empowered me to be more assertive
and gave me the tools to move towards healing. Encouraging healthy relationships
and a more peaceful family lifefor my children and myself is all I could ask for.”
– Envision Client