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About Abuse

Underlying all forms of abuse is the need for one person to control another. The need for control is the key issue. One person attempts to control another, physically, emotionally, and…  Read More ⇒

Abuse During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a dangerous time for women and the children of women who are abused. Studies show that many women report that the abuse starts or increases during their pregnancy…  Read More ⇒

Acquaintance and Date Sexual Assault

When people think of rape or sexual assault, they might think of a stranger jumping out of a shadowy place and sexually attacking someone. But it is not only strangers who sexually assault. In fact…  Read More ⇒

Adult Survivors

Defined as an individual who was sexually abused as a child.  This abuse may have had long-term effects on the survivor’s life. In most instances, the victim of the abuse never discussed the abuse…  Read More ⇒

Animal Abuse and Family Violence

Animal welfare, law enforcement, domestic violence and child welfare agencies are working together more and more in recognition of the link between animal abuse and family violence…  Read More ⇒

Children Exposed to Violence

Until recently, children who witness abuse and violence (child witnesses) have remained the silent, forgotten or unintended victims of family violence. Witnessing violence can have serious negative…  Read More ⇒


The explosive growth in Internet use, as well as in other forms of electronic communications has brought with it an equal explosion in the misuse of these new forms of communication, including…  Read More ⇒

Cycle of Abuse

People being abused by their partners are not constantly being abused and the abuse is never inflicted at totally random times. There is a definite pattern for the abuse…  Read More ⇒

Date Rape Drugs

Date rape drugs refer to any drug that can be used to assist in the commission of a sexual assault. This can include alcohol, street drugs and ‘club drugs’…  Read More ⇒

Dating Violence

Dating violence occurs when one person gains power and control in the relationship by verbal, emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse. Dating violence may occur in…  Read More ⇒

Deciding to Stay or Leave

At some point, you will need to decide whether you are going to focus your energy on saving the relationship or on preparing yourself for leaving the situation and perhaps ending the relationship completely…  Read More ⇒

Developing a Safety Plan

Safety planning is a top priority, whether you choose to remain in the home or leave. Making a safety plan involves identifying actions to increase your safety and that of your children…  Read More ⇒

Facts About Family Law

When you have decided to end your relationship with your spouse, there are a number of legal matters which must be considered. Your lawyer can make a request to the Court to grant you…  Read More ⇒

Helpful Websites

There are many websites on the internet that provide a wealth of information, but it can be overwhelming surfing to find what you need, or even to know what to believe.  Here’s a few of our favorites…  Read More ⇒

If You Suspect Abuse

Helping a friend who is in an abusive relationship is often stressful and can be dangerous. You need to look after your own physical and emotional well-being…  Read More ⇒

Older Person Abuse

The abuse of older adults includes any action or neglect that endangers the health or well-being of an older adult. Older person abuse is a growing concern…  Read More ⇒

Parent Abuse

Occasional conflict is normal between parents and their children when teens/young adults are attempting to separate themselves from their parents and establish their own independence… Read More ⇒

Partner Abuse

Refers to any abuse committed by one partner against another with whom he/she has a relationship (usually intimate, sexual, or co-habitating). It involves the intent by the partner to intimidate and control…  Read More ⇒

Partner Or Spousal Abuse In Rural Areas

Canadian rural communities offer an environment and a way of life that many people aspire to experience. Some people feel rural areas are safer, cleaner, and give an overall better quality of life…  Read More ⇒

Roots of Abuse

The roots of partner abuse lie so deeply imbedded in the inequalities of sex roles and the pro-violence values of the total culture, that we are often unable to see the conditions which make…  Read More ⇒


Self-esteem comes from within and is composed of two things; a belief and a feeling. The belief is a judgment about your overall worth, an evaluation of your traits, habits and abilities…  Read More ⇒

Sexual Assault

Sexual abuse/assault is any unwanted, forced participation in any type of sexual activity. Healthy sexual activity must contain consent from all parties involved….Read More ⇒


Stalking occurs when a person who has no legal reason to contact another, continues to bother him/her after they have been asked to be left alone. This repeated, unwanted contact can make you afraid…  Read More ⇒

Suggested Reading

Find these book resources at the local library or bookstore. Envision clients may find these books in the lending library at the office…  Read More⇒

Surf Safety

Don’t leave online traces. FireFox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other internet browsers keep a history or list of the web sites you visit. If you are worried about someone at home discovering…  Read More ⇒

Supporting Someone

When someone you care about is being abused or is in family abuse, it hurts you too. It is hard to know what to do and say…  Read More ⇒

The Victims of Domestic Violence Act

In Saskatchewan, the Domestic Violence Act was established in 1994. The Act was an attempt to address the needs of a victim of abuse. The Act was put in place so that victims could have…  Read More ⇒

Types of Abuse

Abuse refers to any type of physical, emotional, verbal, cyber or sexual behaviour that resolves in the maltreatment of another person. Abuse occurs when there is an imbalance of equality between people…  Read More ⇒

Types of Protective Orders

Protective orders are legal recourses that a person can take to better protect themselves from potential harm. There are two types of protective orders: restraining orders and peace bonds…  Read More ⇒

Why Men and Women Stay

The primary reason abusive men continue to stay in a violent situation is fairly simple: their self-esteem rests in their ability to control their family members. They know that as long as… Read More ⇒