Resources for Parents of Children Exposed to Violence

Children Exposed to Violence

Until recently, children who witness abuse and violence (child witnesses) have remained the silent, forgotten or unintended victims of family violence. Witnessing violence can have serious negative…  Read More ⇒

Cycle of Abuse

People being abused by their partners are not constantly being abused and the abuse is never inflicted at totally random times. There is a definite pattern for the abuse…  Read More ⇒

Developing a Safety Plan

Safety planning is a top priority, whether you choose to remain in the home or leave. Making a safety plan involves identifying actions to increase your safety and that of your children. Below are some suggestions that might be helpful to you… Read More ⇒

Roots of Abuse

The roots of partner abuse lie so deeply imbedded in the inequalities of sex roles and the pro-violence values of the total culture, that we are often unable to see the conditions which make…  Read More ⇒

Types of Abuse

Abuse refers to any type of physical, emotional, verbal, cyber or sexual behaviour that resolves in the maltreatment of another person. Abuse occurs when there is an imbalance of equality between people…  Read More ⇒

Resources for Teens

Anger Management

Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems… Read More ⇒

Assertiveness & Boundaries

Expressing yourself can be tricky, especially when the situation involves a difference of opinion.  The words and intonation used can very easily change the meaning you are trying to express, and can have a big impact…  Read More ⇒

Bullying & Cyberviolence

Bullying and cyberviolence among teens is a growing problem. If you are experiencing bullying in person or cruel behaviours online let a trusted adult know. You are not alone… Read More ⇒

Drugs & Alcohol

Experimenting with drugs and alcohol when you are a teen often seems like something you have to do. Not all teens will decide to try drugs or alcohol. Some will try them… Read More ⇒

Healthy Lifestyle

It is important to stay active, eat healthy and take care of yourself as your body needs nutrients and exercise to grow. Everyone has a different body type and shape which gives them their uniqueness… Read More ⇒

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships share responsibility and decision-making tasks and reflect respect for both people in the relationship. Sometimes unhealthy or abusive relationships can be hard to identify…   Read More ⇒

Self-Esteem & Body Image

Self-Esteem refers to how you think and feel about yourself. It is your sense of self-worth, your belief about how valuable and worthy a person you are… Read More ⇒


For adults, consensually exchanging nude photos electronically is, under most circumstances, a legal activity. However, the creation and sending of sexual photos of people under the age of… Read More ⇒

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact forced on a person without their consent and may range from non-accidental touching to forced intercourse… Read More ⇒

Sexual Health

When a person is sexually healthy, they are free from disease, injury, fear and have an awareness of their reproductive rights and sexuality. One does… Read More ⇒

Helpful Websites

There are many websites on the internet that provide a wealth of information, but it can be overwhelming surfing to find what you need, or even to know what to believe.  Here’s a few of our favorites…  Read More ⇒